Meet Aryeh Leib Hurwitz – a Brooklyn-based singer and cantor

Aryeh Leib Hurwitz is a Brooklyn-based singer and cantor whose brilliant voice has been featured all over the world. His repertoire consists of many different melodic genres and songs in a variety of languages, including Opera, Broadway and Modern Jewish music.
Aryeh released his debut single “SHEYIBONE” on SEFIROT RECORDS on February 26th, which was followed by the live music video for this song.
“SHEYIBONE” is a very unique combination of Chazanut and Jazz, which makes for a perfect rendition of this classical Jewish song. It features a truly all-star team working on it: performed by the Eyal Vilner Big Band, conducted by Meir Briskman, sung by one prolific Chazzan and Singer ARYEH LEIB HURWITZ, mixed and mastered by Grammy Winning Producer Brian Forbes.
The single has already gotten terrific feedback from both the American and Israeli Jewish music communities, as well as from outside of Jewish society in Germany, France, Canada, USA and UK. “Jewish Frank Sinatra meets Pavarotti meets Rosenblatt!” – that’s how it’s been called by press and music critics!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Brooklyn NY. Crown Heights to be exact.

How did you start your music journey?

Well, I sang amateurishly as a kid. In my teens I’d recorded some unknown tunes for friends just so that they should have a way to hear the melody of these tunes. I had heard them on old records. I realized that I enjoyed recording, singing and I had a nack for it. More over I realized I had a good voice that with some training I knew would be able to sing professionally. Slowly I started performing at community centers synagogues and weddings and the passion just grew from there.

Tell us about the process of recording your first single “SHEYIBONE”

Sheyibone is my favorite song. It always was. I approached Meir Briskman the conductor and arranger of the music for Sheyibone.I gave him a list of 5 songs I wanted him to choose to create an arrangement for me. I wanted something that wasn’t just “cantorial” but something more unique and mainstream music.

Meir brilliantly combined it with Jazz fit for a big band. It had the dynamics of both. It’s terrific!

How did you manage to get such a team of stars to work on your single?

This was a joint effort. Meir Briskman put together the studio and arranged for Eyal Vilnor and his Big Band to come to the studio. We had camera men ready. We also collaborated with Brandon Bain and Netanel Hershtik who were at the studio working with Meir and the Big Band for a separate project also a Jazz/cantorial collaboration.

Then I met Maria Brodskaya. I thought she would be my voice teacher but turns out she became my producer. After we finished recording live with the entire big band in the studio some more work was needed and Maria arranged ADIM Records with the fantastic Grammy award winning Brian Forbes who truly mastered the piece to bring it up to par with a professional production.Same goes for the video work, Maria found the perfect video editor – Gabriel Genesis to piece it together.

How was the process of shooting your music video for “SHEYIBONE”

It was all done in studio. Live, with just 2 takes! So you could imagine the pressure was on. Brilliant professional musicians, 17 of them, were perfect each time, but because it was only 2 takes there wasn’t much room for error, or flexibility for that matter. The editor did an amazing job finding the right cuts for the right parts.

Tell us about feedback you’ve gotten from your audience and friends

The feedback is excellent. As expected some of the purists couldn’t wrap their head around the jazz addition at first, but after hearing it they were mesmerized. I have received emails, DMs and text messages from so many friends, family, fans all about how they cannot wait for the next release.

You released your first single on SEFIROT Records. Great job! Are you planning on releasing any more singles this year? 

I have the final musical and backup vocals of my next single ready! They are just waiting for me to record it and mix it. So, yes, g-d willing this year.

Are you going to work on recording any original music or it’s going to be well-known songs?

This next single is an original composition. It is influenced from known tunes, but there is a lot of heart and soul in the piece so I look forward to releasing that as well!

Have you tried to write songs yourself?

I have. Not much and nothing yet released. But this one particular song I wrote I plan on recording. We’ll see where that goes.

What should we expect from you by the end of the year? 

I’m working on some things. I hope to have another 3 tracks released. No promises :).

The single is available on:

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