An Exclusive Interview With Polygon Peach

Polygon Peach is a rock and roll, global groove, power trio from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cultivated with passion, Polygon Peach developed under close quarters organically, growing together under one roof. Paying homage to the classics as well as bringing fresh flavor with a unique sound. Now, splashing onto the scene to share quality heartfelt songs of expression….

“One of the most wonderfully obtuse things to come out of the local scene…” -CityPages

Polygon Peach Is to set out on a 2018 U.S. tour for their debut album, “The Blue Palace.” to be released Summer 2018.

Q: First of all we want to say thank you for doing our interview POLYGON PEACH!

We have a variety of inspirations from all spectrums of music. We just listen to the music we love, and when it comes time we let it all flow.

Q: Being in a band can be very stressful, tell us how POLYGON PEACH keeps going and keeps things cool within the band!

We have always been close as a band. When we but heads we try to remember what we all came here to do. Which is to make beautiful music, and to impact lives in a positive way. Which is bigger than any individual in the group.

Q: What songs are on the new Album BLUE PALACE?

There are 23 bangin’ songs on the album, and it’s hard to pick a few to mention. We put our hearts and souls into each one.

Q: How often do you rehearse and explain a typical rehearsal night for POLYGON PEACH.

We rehearse 4 to 5 nights a week. Usually we try to have fun, crack a few beers, eat some good food afterwards. It’s all about positivity for us while we get to buisness.

Q: Answer this question… “If you really knew POLYGON PEACH you would know that…”

You would know that our lives revolve around the group. We are devoted to the love of music, and what it can do.

Q: What surprises can we expect on your new album?

You can expect new innovations of sound. Genre fusion that you have never heard before!

Q: What is your message to your fans?

Believe in yourself. You can be what you want to be with the power of imagination. Carry the torch of the ones who have inspired you. Dont let the negative minds sway your dream. We love you.

Q: Please list you social media sites so our readers can follow you!

Instagram: @polygonpeach
Facebook: polygonpeach

Q: Thank you for your time and let us know when your new album drops!

Our new album, “The Blue Palace.” is out August 2018. Look for it online, in your local record store, or on our website.

Thanks !


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