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The magic began as soon as Kopo could reach the piano. He is a master musician also including percussion, harp, ukulele and flute. Uniquely he hears and creates music multi-dimensionally and brings healing through sound-wave vibration.
With his healing abilities, Kopo is able to hear the tonal vibrations that are missing for individuals and then provide access for aligning mind, body and spirit through music. “Whatever I hear from Heaven above, I’m directed to play. I am the tool. My purpose is to connect people with their Divine.“

Kopo has four albums and regularly participates in his local Metaphysical community in Utah and beyond. He promotes and leads Deeksha Meditation by facilitating a weekly Deeksha, Oneness Blessing gathering and performs his magical live music at multiple Deeksha events. He is an Intuitive Sound Medicine Practitioner; a holistic approach to a spiritual, emotional, physical “tune-up” which opens chakras with sound wave vibration and frequencies using tuning forks, crystals, stones, the harp, gongs and the healing drum. Kirtan Leader; a sing along, chant concert which is a part of Bhakti Yoga, the devotional yoga, chanting with ancient sanskrit prayers and other languages set to his magical music. Healing Drum Circles; using intuition from the Divine in different realms from the elements (fire, wind, water, & earth) we, the participants, hold intention for creating world peace through drumming.

The vibration of music runs through every cell of Kopo. There is never a moment of silence. When you hear his music it tells a story, it takes you to a higher place to allow oneself to heal. Some say his music is directed from the heavens above. As others say he is a source of a Vibrational Awakening through a healing power of sound.

Kopo has said, “I hear the angels sing when I play music, I hear peoples heart songs and I’m here to share my experience through music”. As he uses music for healing as a Sound Healer. He experiences music on a new level. Not only with a simple song, but with his magical events. Be a part of his magical world of music.

Q: First of all we want to say thank you for doing our interview Kopo Magic!


Q: We really enjoy your music and would like to know more about why you chose meditation and pop music for your musical aspirations?

KOPO: Meditation and pop music both equally inspire me. Meditation music due to my personal Bhakti Yoga practice and pop culture inspires me because it feeds my soul!

Q: What is your most successful story with sound healing?

KOPO: One night I dreamt about this song and I could truly feel it within everything that I am. 5 minutes after I woke up there’s a gal that I knew I was struggling with addiction called me because she’s having a bad day and needed somebody to talk to. So she came over and I played that song for her and it literally was her song and it made her eyes fill with tears. It changed her perspective of where she was and inspired her to take the steps to change her life for the better.

Q: We hear you are working on a new video, can you tell us about the project?

KOPO: “Because I’m Happy” song. The old meets the modern Tea Party with all walks of life all ages. The idea came to me not long ago and we are in the process of recording this in the next few weeks…

Q: How often do you rehearse and explain a typical rehearsal night for KOPO MAGIC!

KOPO: Well I practice bhakti yoga which is chanting or singing mantras and is a type of meditation. Personally I practice two to three hours daily my self, but I practice with my band once a week and we literally do a run-through of our set list once a week.

Q: Answer this question… “If you really knew KOPO MAGIC you would know that…”

KOPO: If you really knew Kopo Magic you would know he is really down to earth, easy going, funny, full of energy and always looks on the bright side of life. I try to see the good in everything.

Q: Tell us about your new podcast and where to find it!

KOPO: Kopo Magic’s Podcast: is all about stepping into the world of Kopo and my experiences and music. Here is where you can find it: on Anchor:

Q: What is your message to your fans?

KOPO: No matter how hard life can be I have learned in the eye of the storm you can still find peace. It’s all about perspective. “Nothing’s Gonna Bring Me Down Cuz I’m Happy!” KOPO MAGIC

Q: Please list your social media sites so our readers can follow you!

Kopo’s Website

Q: Thank you for your time and let us know when we can catch one of your shows soon!
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THANK YOU for this interview!

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