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A stylistically unique Rock & Roll Band from day one, the members of Revilution have been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers. Throughout the course of the band’s union, they have won over rock fans from all walks of life. Now, as they embark on a new recording endeavor, new producer and pr team, their explosive original music is set to conquer an even wider global audience.

Revilution is Dan Seitz, Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar. Scott Flint, Rhythm & Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals. Mikey Chavez, Bass Guitar. Joe Hernandez, Drums, Backing Vocals.

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Q: First of all we want to say thank you for doing our interview REVILUTION!

Dan Seitz, lead vocals/guitar: Thanks for talking with us!
Scott Flint, guitar/backing vocals: More than happy to.
Joe Hernandez, drums/backing vocals: You’re welcome and thank you for your time.

Q: We really enjoy your music and would like to know more about why you chose METAL and how does METAL music speak to you?

Dan: I really love the energy and the lyrics, and the sheer raw power of the distorted guitars and pounding drums just reaches into my head and stirs the gray matter up!
Scott: I chose metal because of the fast paced energy required to perform it, and the “living life in the fastlane” attitude it projects.

Mikey Chavez, bass: I’ve personally played different genres of music; 60s/70s rock (I’m not new), Punk, New Wave, Jam Band stuff, and of course the Classic Rock thang for years. I moved back to California with no intentions of joining another band…so there I was, I answered an ad for a bass guy for an “Original” Heavy Metal band and I thought, “what the f***, this must be a sign,” since I was ready to quit messin’ with the band thing. The music has got me excited to play again, plus it doesn’t hurt being with good players. Key term here is “excited to play again.”

Joe: Well for me it started at an early age. My parents both loved all types of different music. But it was my mom and her love for Sabbath, Ozzy, Dio. That sunk its teeth into me at an early age and it’s never let go.

Q: Going into the studio can be a very stressful and fun experience. How are you guys preparing for World Famous Studios and working with producer Ricky Brewer and engineer Pete DeBoer?

Dan: Well, as it’s not going to be cheap, we’re doing a fundraiser on GoFundMe. Here’s the link: We’re also rehearsing the three songs we’re going to be recording like crazy, at home as well as together.
Mikey: For me, it’s a matter of learning the material backwards, forwards, upside-down, and sideways as much as I can. I’ve been in a studio setting before and know it can get at the very least anal. We (as musicians) put pressure on ourselves anyway, so the studio thang (for me anyway) can be semi-tense. The music has to be right. I usually don’t listen to myself anyway when it’s done but it has to be right.
Joe: Yeah it can be stressful, but you prepare yourself as best as you

can as a band, and as an individual. And if you ain’t having fun while you’re doing it, you’re doing it all wrong. I think working with those two gentlemen will be such a learning experience that I’m so excited and can’t wait!

Q: What songs will you be recording in the studio?

Dan: They’re called “Face Down,” “Bastard,” and “Phantoms.” I recorded and released them myself several years ago, but now they’re getting the full treatment with great musicians and professional production. They’re great songs, in my opinion, and I can’t wait to hear them done right!
Mikey: “Wagon Wheel,” “Mustang Sally,” “Back in Black!” (laughing)

Q: How often do you rehearse and explain a typical rehearsal night for REVILUTION.

Dan: We rehearse together as a band once a week, but we also do our homework. A typical rehearsal involves going over everything we have on the setlist at least once, working out any kind of kinks as we go. We’ll jam for an hour or so, take a smoke break, then jam for another hour or so. Of course, there’s a lot of banter back and forth, sometimes Mikey or Joe or Scott will play some riff or beat from another tune and the guys will jam it while I try to keep up! (laughing)

Mikey: Hopefully in the future we will have time for more. I’m old-school as far as that goes, so more is better as far as I’m concerned, but I have more time personally to work on material.

Joe: Well as of right now once a week we get together as a band. But we all do our homework. So when we do get together it just flows.

Q: Answer this question… “If you really knew REVILUTION you would know that…

Dan: We try harder?
Scott: We are a group of really funny guys. We make a joke outta anything that comes our way, we just wanna have pun. (laughing)

Mikey: Well for starters, Dan was a mid-wife at an Australian Duck-Billed Platypus clinic when he was in his 20s, Joe auditioned for the part of “Plava Laguna”in the movie “The Fifth Element”, Scott always wanted to work at Disneyland but never really liked kids even when he was young. As for me, I was in Marching Band in high school. When my friends watched the halftime shows they swore up and down that I was NEVER in step with the rest of

the band or drill team (all f*****g 70 of them). I guess I always marched to my own beat. All kidding aside, the band “REVILUTION” consists of regular cats with a common love for musical performance. Hammys!
Joe: I would say if you were to know us you’d see we’re just down to earth people that love playing music for everybody to enjoy.

Q: What surprises can we expect on your new album?

Dan: It’s not going to sound like anything else that’s out there right now, that’s for damned sure! And you can expect the music to get stuck in your head!
Mikey: That’s a good question! This band is evolving from Dan’s original vision at this point, so folks need to stay tuned and see what happens.
Joe: Well for me, I would have to say a different sound, fresh sound for us. With myself and Mike being new to the band it’s added a different taste than what was before, in my opinion.

Q: What is your message to your fans?

Dan: Treat everyone equally, and buy music!
Scott: To the fans: Stay focused, keep your eye on the prize, never give up, and listen to REVILUTION for life!
Mikey: If you have a passion for something, don’t let it go, especially if it keeps your mind out of the dark places. Life is way too short and definitely not a spectator sport.
Joe: Well, for the fans I have to say stay tuned, some great things are coming!

Q: Please list you social media sites so our readers can follow you!

Mikey: The usual ,everybody knows more than I do ’bout the Social Media thang. There is something to be said about bathroom walls…

Dan: You can find us on Facebook at: REVILUTION

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