An Exclusive Interview With BABYLLON

Hailed as a “A happy talent trifecta!” by Guitar World Magazine, singer/songwriter Babyllon is the soul driving, rock pumping, vocal belting artist on the rise!

Having toured the country under various names, and recorded under various labels in studios nationwide, Babyllon took her sound into her own hands with the release of her debut album, Heart Attacks & Southern Roses. This sexy-smooth-soul-rock with a Southern twang and a hip-hop beat, is full of irresistible hooks, soul-gutting ballads, and anthems that will get you moving. Recorded almost entirely in her Brooklyn apartment and mastered by Grammy award- winner Jeff “The Jedi Master” Jones, Heart Attacks & Southern Roses is a soulful and explosive tribute to creative freedom and loving with your whole heart.

Q: You are a NYC recording artist. Tell us about NYC is it a hard city for an independent artist?

BABYLLON: It’s not really that hard it’s just very very fast paced. It’s a place where you can figure out your sound quickly because of it’s fast pace!

Q: We really enjoy your music and would like to know more about the song Heart Attacks and Southern Roses, what was the inspiration?

BABYLLON: The inspiration was about going against the normal of people wanting to put me into a pocket. Going against the grain of where production has gone. I wanted to put the rawness of the 70s back into recording. I wanted to feel the depth.

Q: Going into the studio can be a very stressful and fun experience. How do you prepare for the studio and do you enjoy the experience?
Q: How often do you rehearse and explain a typical rehearsal night for BABYLLON!
BABYLLON: Typical rehearsal night is me going through the songs but my favorite is shutting all the lights off an playing each song without time constraints to understand the feeling of the music.

Q: Where are you originally from? And what cities would you most like to visit and tour through?
BABYLLON: I am from many cities mostly I claim roots in New York, the US south and Russia.
We are going on tour throughout the states! My shows are always the BEST surprise.

Q: What surprises can we expect from BABYLLON in the rest of the year?
BABYLLON: Honestly the biggest surprise is that we will be collaborating on an album with someone who truly knows exactly what rock and roll is…the biggest surprise is the second part of this journey!

Q: What is your message to your fans?
BABYLLON: No matter what keep going and always trust your instincts! Always love the music you make!

Q: Please list your social media sites so our readers can follow you!
@ListenToBabyllon Instagram
@Listen2Babyllon Twitter

THANK YOU! Babyllon

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