A Latest Interview With WEIRDEUX

19 years old…weirdeux has always been musically gifted. As a child, she was singing, performing, and playing guitar. Throughout the course of her young musical career, weirdeux has captured the interest of power players in the industry with her witty, irreverent lyrics and a world maturity far beyond her years. Her unique voice coupled with a badass attitude, individual style and musical delivery have made her a sought after one woman show from NYC to LA and beyond. Having recently signed on with BSquaredMGMT, she is now setting out to re-create her enigmatic live show in the studio with producer Ricky Brewer as she begins work on her first album. Embarking on her first US tour in the Fall, 2018 is the year of weirdeux. Buckle Up.

Q: We are pleased to meet you Weirdeux! How did you get that name?

WEIRDEUX; I actually was just typing different ways of spelling “weirdo” to my best friend and this one just kinda stuck. I liked it. I really felt like it was me.

Q: We really enjoy your music and would like to know more about your musical aspirations! Being in the studio can be a very stressful and fun experience. How are you preparing for your upcoming studio time?

WEIRDEUX: A LOT of songwriting! Just trying to have an open mind.

Q: Out of all the songs you have written, which is your favorite?

WEIRDEUX: I have two that are definitely tied for first place. Calendar is a love song, which goes through all the months of the year, hence the name. A Narcissists Lullaby is an anti-ex boyfriend anthem that I think is really well written and a lot of people will be able to resonate with it.

Q: How often do you rehearse and explain a typical rehearsal night for WEIRDEUX?

WEIRDEUX: I rehearse AT LEAST once a week. Usually if I’m going through my set list, I’ll rehearse in my living room. We don’t have furniture in there, so the acoustics are great.

Q: Do you hope to tour this year?

WEIRDEUX: Absolutely.

Q: What surprises can we expect on your new album?

WEIRDEUX: Calendar is a love song, and only people who have seen me perform live have ever heard it. That’ll be good. Calendar is actually the only love song I’ve ever written.

Q: What is your message to your fans?

WEIRDEUX: Be true to yourself. Embrace who you are. The only thing that matters is that you like you.

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